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DE: Wir haben tolle Neuigkeiten! Ab sofort wird uns das Promotion-Team um Tanja Hess und Sascha Boersma tatkräftig unterstützen. Wir freuen uns auf die Kooperation – lasst uns gemeinsam die Welt erobern! \m/

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EN: We have really awesome news for you! From now on we will get promotion from Tanja Hess and Sascha Boersma. Thanks for supporting us – now let's conquer the world! \m/



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EN: Have you already noticed our new merchandise? We offer you nice girlie-tanktops and men t-shirts with the silver HYDRA logo on it! Grab them now at our official webshop:

Upcoming show: Rocken Rock & Metal Festival in Rodgau


DE: Unsere nächste Show wird in Rodgau auf dem Rocken Rock & Metal Festival stattfinden. Ihr wollt Tickets kaufen? Bei uns erhaltet ihr sie zu einem speziellen Preis. Schreibt einfach an:

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EN: Our next show will take place in Rodgau at the Rocken Rock & Metal Festival. You want to buy tickets? Just contact us, we can give you tickets for a special price. Write an email to:

- - - HYDRA TOUR REPORT BELGIUM (24.7. - 27.7. 2015) - - -


Enjoy a little tour report of our three-gig-weekend in Belgium, written by our singer Lisa:


Me, Ramona (Dimitri's Girlfriend) and the HYDRA boys met at our rehearsal room in Regensburg last Friday around 8 AM to gather all band gear and prepare the car. Then we drove to Nuremberg and Jens joined us as well. At 10 AM it was time to head towards Belgium. In Germany, around Cologne, we had some troubles with traffic and because of that we arrived a little bit late at the Rock Classic in Brussels, Belgium where we were supposed to play our first of three shows.

We had a warm welcome by the Alwaid guys and the venue itself was very nice. We arrived just in time to do a soundcheck before our show which was really nice for me (I'm not too fond of just line checks). At 9:30 PM was stage time and we played a 45-minutes-set, excluding our songs ICO and Reign in Tears. After the show it was stage-time for Alwaid and they really rocked like hell! As always after our gigs I went to our merch stand and talked to the people. After this show we drove to Lille, 'cause we slept at Laurent's (Alwaid Keyboarder) home.

The next morning had a really relaxing beginning - I slept very well and felt comfortable in Laurent's flat. Laurent Feisth even prepared breakfast for us, which was really nice and unexpected. „wink“-Emoticon

Breakfast was nice: Laurent prepared for us lots of sweet things like Belgian chocolate waffles, a cake with curd? in it and as well a chocolate-nut cream with sweet toasts and marmelade. Quite an unusual breakfast for us Germans but sooooo delicious! *.* A nice alternation to what we are used to. Besides this we had lots of nice conversations with Laurent and also found out that he's a gamer, just like us. „wink“-Emoticon After Breakfast, a well-deserved shower and preparing everything we drove to the next venue.

On the second day we played at de verlichte Geest in Roeselaar, Belgium. It was such a nice venue, with a big stage and we also had enough free space to put our Roll-Ups and our Backdrop on stage which looked awesome! This day Psychogeneration opened and did a truly amazing show to heat up the crowd. After Psychogeneration it was stage-time for Alwaid again. Around 10:45 PM we finally hit the stage. The set was the same as on Friday and we had lots of fun again. The crowd was crazy and the atmosphere magical! After the gig there were lots of people who wanted to shoot a photo with me which was really flattering „smile“-Emoticon (that remembered me of our UK times earlier this year...!).

Before leaving we did a small video interview which will be uploaded soon I guess... „wink“-Emoticon After a loong loong day we finally drove back to Laurent's flat and had a nice little party with Laurent, Marie Alwaid and Maxime Renard. Our drummer Jens had to taste many different beers which always got labeled as "this is the best beer in the world, you have to taste it!!" We had so much fun with Jens 'cause the evening was veeery long and his english became more and more funny... „grin“-Emoticon

Finally the last tourday: we got up late on Sunday morning. Again we enjoyed a really tasty breakfast and I just can't thank enough for that guest-friendship! The last concert took place at the Rocking Bull in Antwerp. The venue itself was very small and the temperature felt like.... 100 degrees... But all in all it was a nice day with a few troubles: at first I wanted to dress for the show and my corset just broke!!! So sad, it's truly one of my favourite clothing pieces (the dark green one with the leaves). But I try to repair it, let's see if it'll work.

Then we were told that we have to leave another song out of our setlist, 'cause the live music had to end at 10 PM (because of neighbours). We left our song 'Ad Infinitum' out of the setlist. While playing our last song 'Harvest Neptune' the sound engineer told us to quit the song 'cause time was over. Nevertheless we were at last allowed to play the full song until its end which was great. *phew* „wink“-Emoticon The guys of Desolace Divine also came to see us and we had a nice little conversation. After even more nice conversations at the merch stand we took photos with Alwaid and some members of Psychogeneration. Even Johan de Munck, a fan of both bands, joined us on a picture which was awesome! \m/

After the last show we immediately had to drive home, because two of us had to work on Monday morning. The same thing as in the UK trip happened: I was so tired out that I laughed so hard at something Jens said (it wasn't that funny, seriously ;)) that my stomach began to hurt and lots of tears ran down my face. (The other bandmembers may think that I am completely crazy...).
On 8 AM we arrived in Regensburg, tired but happy. I want to thank all involved people so much, we had a blast and you made me a happy little Lisa!

Thanks to the awesome musicians we got to know and to all the lovely people and new fans over there! Belgium, this was not the last time - HYDRA will return!!! \m/

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